Below is our list of past exhibitions. Some link to further details about the exhibition and artist(s). If you have questions or want to contact the artist(s) please do so through their websites, or contact us and we will try to help you make contact. Enjoy.


The Power of Words: Susan Kapusinski Gaylord  January 2017


Silent Witness: Works by Nancy Wynn  November 2016

Two Sacred Views: Serigraph Landscapes / Nature Photography  August 2016

Aspirations and Limitations: Artwork by Hall High School Students  January 2016

Depressive Realism: Mixed Media by Adam Viens  April 2016


Intimate Spirits: Photography and Poetry in Conversation, Works by Sister Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP  January 2015

Intimations: Works by Nan Runde  March 2015

Grace Before Dying: An Exhibition of Human Dignity and Transformation  September 2015

Seeking a Path: Fiber Artwork by Diane Cadrain  November 2015


Prayer for Peace Banners, A Partnership with Religious Education  January 2014

Metanoia: Paintings by Richard Harden  March 2014

Bioperversity: Drawings by Jane Rainwater  September 2014

Between The Lines: Works by Carole P. Kunstadt  November 2014


Faces of Redemption: Artwork by Carla Mazzucato  January 2013  [download the Press Release]

Spiritual Dynamism: Works on Paper by Susan Spaniol  April 2013  [download the Press Release]

Faces of Haiti: Paintings by Dianne G. Coyle  August 2013

A Gift Unto Us is Given: Works by Joy Floyd  November 2013  [download the Press Release]


Marek Cnarnecki: The Practice of Iconography  March 2012

Best Friends: Our Beloved Pets  May 2012

Eucharistic Impressions: Almost Heaven by Antoine Menorét  August 2012  [download the Press Release]

Pulse of Life: Artwork by Nancy Earle, SMIC  October 2012  [download the Press Release]


John Karrer: Morning Walks and Talks with The Creator  January 2011

Haitian Stations of the Cross a Partnership with Religious Education  April 2011

Wendy Wright & Dorothy Tuma: Le Point Vierge: Mary and the Catholic Imagination  September 2011  [download the Press Release]

A Painter’s Gospel: Icons by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM  November 2011


Golden Jubilee Exhibition: 50 Years of Community  February 2010

Remembering Archbishop Oscar Romero: Photojournalist Brother Octavio Duran, OFM  March 2010  [download the Press Release]

Mickey McGrath: Holy Saints and Timeless Mysteries  October 2010

Homeless Souls: Exhibition of work by Jake Anderson  November 2010


Weaving a New Life: The Refugee Artists Sewing Circle  February 2009

Marion Honors: Images of Home  April 2009

Haitian Children and Religious Education Partnership  June 2009

Aleta Gudelski: Silence Speaks  September 2009

A Prophet’s Ink: Drawings by Brian Kavanagh, Catholic Worker Artist  December 2009


Sue Rama: Boundless Inspiration  March 2008

Kelli Newton: Sacred in the Secular  May 2008

Octavio Duran: Through the Franciscan Lens  September 2008

The Art of Hospice Care: Completing the Journey  November 2008  [download the Press Release]


Walking the Way  February 2007  [download the Press Release]

Janet Mullen: “I am Because We Are” Memories of Kenya  May 2007

Sacred Spaces  September 2007  [download the Press Release]

Shrines by Mary Billingsley  December 2007  [download the Press Release]


Enfolded: Shawls Wrapped in Love and Prayer  June 2006  [download the Press Release]

Greg Zolowski: Opaque & Transparent  August 2006  [download the Press Release]

Fr. John Murphy, OFM: The Beginnings of an Artist  October 2006


Faces of War by Richard Harden  February 2005

Letters from Prison: A Connecticut Prison Arts Exhibition  March 2005

Beyond the Veil: Photographs by Christine Breslin  August 2005

Artist in Our Midst  December 2005  [download the Press Release]


Speaking through Our Hands: Quilts by Edjohnetta Miller  February 2004

TIME: Connecticut Prison Arts Exhibition  April 2004

Immersion Experience Haitian Art and Life  September 2004

Art Sparks  November 2004  [pdf flyer download]


Faces of Nature: Painting by Fr. John Murphy, OFM  October 2003