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About Us

The Clare Gallery is a not-for-profit professional exhibition gallery located in a contemporary Roman Catholic urban center in downtown Hartford, Connecticut in the United States of America. Our exhibitions, receptions and artist lectures are free and open to the public.

Seventeen Years of Exhibitions
The Clare Gallery was established in 2003. Over the past seventeen years, exhibitions have been excitingly varied. Exhibitions have included: Christine Breslin’s photographic portraits of American Muslim teenagers; Richard Harden’s portraits of survivors in worn-torn Bosnia; artwork from the Connecticut Prison Arts Program; quilts from the collection of Edjohnetta; images of Kenya printed by Notre Dame Sister Janet Mullen; and photography by Franscican artist Br. Octavio Duran. Other group exhibitions have focused on artworks highlighting the concept of sacred space; homelessness; and artists’ personal interpretations of the Stations of the Cross.

Our Mission
The mission of the Clare Gallery is to promote the arts and to allow exhibits to educate and inform all who enter our facility. We are most interested in exhibitions that emphasize world religions, interfaith themes and social justice themes, either on a global or local level. Our space is visited by a broad spectrum of people. Artists are requested to keep in mind that children are included in the mix of people who view our exhibitions.

Educational Outreach
The education component is important to the Gallery. We ask that those who exhibit here also lecture on their work, join a panel discussion and/or facilitate a workshop. We encourage all types of creative ideas on how the educational component of the exhibition can be integrated. And we also try to create partnerships with other ministries that are housed at the Urban Center, the St. Patrick – St. Anthony Parish, and other Connecticut communities.

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If interested in exhibiting at the Clare Gallery download the Call to Artists Application.